The character for Maxine’s next book resides in the space between thought and word.

Maxine has traveled to every state in the United States and five other countries. She has lived in six different states and many cities. Along the way, she fostered a love for people—their customs and folkways, their fortunes and follies.


As an Anthropologist, Maxine developed a deep respect for the Native American people and their cultures. When she worked as a counselor in the criminal justice system, she learned how truly complex individuals can be. As a Genealogist, she researches her ancestors, and studies their lives and histories.


These interests flavor her fictional adventures. The psychological dimensions of her characters, the backgrounds furnished by places she’s known and loved, and the yesterdays of her heritage all come together as material for her stories.


Maxine currently resides in southeastern Idaho with her tiny Yorkie, Sassy, who lives up to her name.